Chemical interaction between aluminium and food

In this article, starting from basic chemistry, the subject of the interaction between aluminium and foodstuff is tackled, providing numerical data the result of experiments carried out with the greatest stringency. It is confirmed that Italian regulatory legislation on the subject, ratified by DM 76 dated 18/04/2007 safeguards consumers and provides clear indications to avoid improper use. We hope that other European countries will follow Italy’s legislative example. Ciro Sinagra

Innova Group: corrugated board horizons

Increase in productivity, investments in technology and rendering the systems more efficient, shrewd management of resources and means, BRC certification: from the all positive indicators of the integrated paper&board converter Innova Group (owned and run by the Pedrotti family) to the market potentials for the year at hand. Luciana Guidotti

A Filler-Head Performance controller for Food Processors

The Thermo Scientific Versa checkweigher controller now offers an optional filler valve monitoring capability that monitors the behavior of up to 16-filler heads and determines if any individual head is not performing correctly.

Italy in beverages

Data and facts on production, consumption and use of packaging in a market divided between alcoholic and non-alcoholic products. Analysis of the situation in 2016 and some tentative forecasts for the Italian market.

See and touch to feel

A journey of the senses in discovery of unique products: Luxoro opens its own exhibition space at Paper&People, Europe’s largest graphic paper showroom.

A water just for sports

Acque Minerali d’Italia and PET Engineering continue to work together following the success of the Norda Exclusive project for the HO.RE.CA. sector. PET Engineering has been put in charge of the restyling of the bottle for Sangemini Sport (65 cl).

A new chapter on cities: Berlin Lines

Pixartprinting content creation continues, this time touching down in Berlin to invite communications and print specialists to discover the German capital’s underground spaces.

The packaging sector

The close of 2016 saw a 3.2% rise in production of packaging (in t), building on the +2.3% logged the previous year. The trend is driven by the domestic market, exports having stalled

Packaging status report (2)

A four-month survey of the packaging industry as of May 2017. The information relating to the global economy is based on Confindustria and Prometeia data.

Metal packaging

A detailed look at product characteristics, packaging types and considerations on the Italian market, with notes on recycling.


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