Components and Other Equipment

Bountiful savings

From 17,000 to 50,000 euro a year: these are the savings obtained by the Ilpa Group -Ilip division, a manufacturer of thermoformed rigid plastic for the food sector, by introducing Atlas Copco pneumatic technology.

Hotmelt application with advantages

Tankless melters with adhesive flow rate control by Nordson adopted on the CM-OPM secondary packaging unit Smartcell increase flexibility and ergonomics of the plant.
Bernd Neumann

Ultrasonic sealing: safe, convenient and effective

Herrmann Ultraschall manufactures ultrasonic welding machines, generators and sonotrodes for thermoplastic parts, packaging and nonwovens.

Lobe pumps for chocolate

OMAC, with the invaluable collaboration of its Indian distributor, has secured itself an important job, supplying AMUL with 28 lobe pumps for the expansion of its chocolate production facility in Mogar.
AMUL is a leading Indian milk & dairy producer and, after Cadbury, Ferrero and Nestlè, the fourth largest chocolate producer.

Flowmeter for conductive and other fluids

SICK implements the benefits of ultrasonic measurement in liquid flow detection with DOSIC®, a new hygienic flowmeter capable of handling both conductive and non-conductive fluids, while measuring their flow and temperature without any parameterization when the type of incoming liquid varies.

A more accurate and faster metal detector

In order to help food and consumer goods manufacturers confidently find ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal contaminants in products to improve safety for their customers, Thermo Fisher Scientific proposes Sentinel™ Multiscan Metal Detector.

Scanner with excellent 1D decoding capacity

Datalogic has released PowerScanTM 9100, the most recent addition to the PowerScan family of industrial scanners.

SX LongLife applicator heads: a new standard in life cycle

Precise, reliable and long-lasting: Robatech presents the new SX LongLife, a hot melt jetting head for long-lasting precision adhesive application.

Strong grip, low expenditure

Max. reliability in pick&place applications, reduced maintenance and power consumption halved thanks to VSD technology: the Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ vacuum pumps guarantee a rapid and safe ROI.

Adhesive Tracking System

To optimize performance in glue application processes, Nordson proposes ATS System, that introduces adhesive tracking capabilities to the two flagship products, the ProBlue melter and ProBlue Liberty tankless instantaneous hotmelt fusion system, proposed by the US company.


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