Automation and Controls

Digitalization on track

Intelligent transport systems. Digitalization alone is not enough to achieve true mass customization and batch-of-one production. Such IIoT milestones will rely equally on new approaches in mechanical design and motion control hardware. Breakthrough innovations in these two areas form the heart of ACOPOStrak by B&R - an intelligent transport system whose revolutionary design enables adaptive manufacturing systems and promises a new era in flexible and efficient production.

Wrapper with cold stretch film

No simple path but a highly stimulating one that undertaken by Forpac in order to develop Styron, a highly innovative technological project that looks at the world of packaging with an eye to eco-sustainability, and one for which the firm has chosen SEW-Eurodrive for its automation solutions.

Robotized co-packing

All-Italian excellence automated by Siscodata using Comau robots.

Guaranteeing impeccable hygienic conditions

Corrosion protection is essential in manufacturing processes where cleaning and hygiene are of great importance. WITTENSTEIN’s Corrosion Resistant and Hygienic Design® (the latest EHEDG certified) components ensure maximum levels of hygiene and sterile automation in the food or pharmaceutical sector.

Celebration with a (very positive) assessment

Technology (on the cutting-edge), a philosophy (of integration), expertise (in human resources), relations (with the market): these are the assets on which B&R has built a 30-year history of commitment to a culture of automation in Italy. The secrets to this success, as told by various voices. Luciana Guidotti

Balluff grows by external means

The Balluff group, specialists in sensors and automation, has extended its own digital knowhow with the purchase of two companies: the ISS innovative software services GmbH (Stoccarda) and Matrix Vision GmbH (Oppenweiler).

Linear actuators with integrated screw: dynamic and compact

Completing the portfolio of the rotary servomotors and servoactuators of the cyber® dynamic line series, the new WITTENSTEIN cyber motor linear actuators have a design optimised for high dynamic industrial applications, with low bulk.

Flexible packing and unpacking solutions

SEW-EURODRIVE’s proposals for the beverage industry include a packing and unpacking solution which enables the transportation of products via dynamic handling without stressing the machines.

Coffee secondary packaging by Cama: an Australian success

iCapsulate chooses Cama system and doubles coffee production: high technology packaging enables a quick growth.

From the bottle to the case: a project for pharma

MG2 bolsters its commitment to pharmaceutical packaging. On behalf of a North American multinational company, the firm coordinated the supply of a complete line that integrates a secondary packaging machine and a serialization system.


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