Robopac is building the future with Genesis Thunder

At Drinktec 2017 (11-15 September, Munich), the company run by the Aureli family presents the most advanced high-speed automatic rotating ring wrapping machine to date.

Anticipating what partners will need in the coming years in order to guarantee machines that are ever more reliable and safe, and thereby guaranteeing the end customer a more stable palletized product, in line with current expectations and requirements of industrial manufacturing and logistics (and those of tomorrow): with this clear objective in mind, Robopac continues to renew and optimize all its systems by launching a latest generation  rotating ring machine for stretch wrapping and stabilizing loads on pallets. At the heart of Genesis Thunder’s development is the cutting-edge Cube TechnologyTM, adopted on top range solutions to guarantee the necessary quantity of film, positioned in the most effective possible way, with just the right level of tension to hold the product in place. The combination of these three performance factors guarantees a significant drop in consumption material cost, remarkably improved wrapping quality and a reduction in damaged loads during handling.

In addition to standard technical/functional features, the wrapping machine at the fair will be equipped with:
- ARC automatic roll change, a patented motorized module for performing roll change with no operator intervention, with automatic expulsion of the cardboard core of the empty roll and positioning of the new one;
- a roping device that shrinks the bands into a more resistant but also more elastic structure, like a rope, guaranteeing more effective load stabilization;
- the innovative nip/tuck tail system for weld-free closure, guaranteeing perfect finishing of the banding cycle that is perfectly compatible with the modern automated warehouse, featuring very low maintenance and vapor emissions.

Evolution in practice: less consumption, more safety
Genesis Thunder builds on previous high performance Robopac rotating ring wrapping machines, some of whose unique features have been maintained in this latest model. Indeed, the new wrapper operates with no electric rotators, making it suitable for all industrial environments - even the most dust-prone ones - guaranteeing safety and fewer machine stops.
This high-tech solution was developed and patented by Robopac during the mid-1990s, earning a wide consensus on global markets and has been regularly updated ever since. One such update has been the power system for the motorized prestretch modules, originally based on dynamos. The dynamos were replaced with a patented super capacitator system modeled on the KERS used in Formula 1 cars.
In addition to maintaining low consumption of packaging material, Genesis Thunder makes it possible to drastically reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to quality, low-wear components, such as more efficient motors and toothed belts in lieu of chains. This extends the period of functionality before machine maintenance is necessary and enables precisely scheduled parts replacement.
The extreme ease of maintenance of this system is made possible by greater machine accessibility, whose ergonomics has been designed to the smallest detail: parts subject to replacement are within the operator’s reach without the need for platforms or lifts. Total ergonomics also means avoiding potentially dangerous overground maintenance operations, in line with Robopac’s Safety First philosophy.

From left to right: Alfredo Aureli (Robopac chairman), his daughter Valentina and his son Enrico (acting managers).

A balanced and hygienic design
Looking at the structure, the ring is supported by four legs, and its center of gravity is the lifting gantry. This simplifies Genesis Thunder’s load distribution system and guarantees that it is well-balanced, so that the machine is subject to less wear and stress.
Compared to other machines operating at the same rate of cycles per minute, the optimized balance of the structure (owing to its unique design and the use of innovative construction materials) further enhances the time/cycle ratio, guaranteeing productivity superior to any other machine currently on the market.
The system has been built according to a Hygienic Design concept to minimize accumulation of dust and dirt - not only an indispensable advantage for food and pharma users, but also one sought after by top operators in any field. Building on previous Helix EVO models, Genesis Thunder is also a TPM-ready system (Total Productive Maintenance), for simplified and preventive maintenance, which has now become a standard in all industrial environments characterized by a smaller line workforce. 



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