Digitalization, traceability and security in packaging solutions

FABO launches the tamper-evident label that combines protection and communication


Founded in 1971 in Tuscany, land of excellence and innovation, Fabo Tape Solutions is an international player in the market of adhesive tapes.
Flexibility and expertise are values of the company, that has developed in over 40 years its distinctive skills in the industrial process, in understanding the markets’ needs and converting them in innovative tailor-made solutions. The internal Research and Development Department is the core of our product innovation with its continuous commitment to the search of new adhesive solutions and applications. For further information:

Before reaching their final destination, packages may travel long distances passing hand to hand of the different actors involved. For this reason packing your shipping with care while paying special attention to security issues guarantees to recipient and sender the protection of the goods.
Fabo Tape Solutions, an international player in the market of adhesive tapes, has launched on the European market, during Interpack 2017, a new product for the safety labeling of packages: the tamper-evident security label.

This product fits into the Security Line by Fabo next to the Security Tape, the tamper-evident tape that protects valuable shippings.
The security label allows to seal packages in its critical points and reveals any tampering attempt by leaving a clear and permanent waring message.
This product is born from Fabo’s mission to develop innovative adhesive solutions able to guarantee an absolute protection of the goods and that stand out for their unparalleled versatility in customization.
The security label, with the introduction of digitalization in the packaging world, represents the personal safety seal.
The back of the label is entirely and uniquely customizable; on the security label it is possible to print in photo quality, provide traceability with the integration of barcodes and progressive serial numbers as well as to use the surface as a true communication space.
With its security label, Fabo can provide a customized and efficient packaging solution for shipping’s security.
Fabo’s security label is available in standard version and customized where, through a partnership with its customer, an ad hoc tamper-evident solution is developed.


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