The Ecolable 2017 award goes to paper innovation

The European policy on the subject of sustainable consumption and production is in rapid evolution and the paper industry is playing a leading role.

Proof of this can be seen with the presence of as many as 5 groups of paper producers in the EU Ecolabel system (out of a total of 29 groups of products and 2 service groups): paper for copying and graphic paper, printing paper, newspaper, converted paper products, paper fabric and further presence of  paper and board in different groups of products (available on the Comieco website, the updated document covering those requisites).
The national award Ecolabel EU 2017 has highlighted this role, awarding the company Lucart SpA in the “innovative product” category.

Thanks to Fiberpack®, the sustainable project born out of the cooperation with Tetra Pak®, Lucart is capable of recycling 100% of the components of a beverage carton, earmarking 74% of cellulose fibre to the manufacture of products in recycled paper, and the remaining 26% - comprising 22% of  polyethylene and 4% of aluminium - to the creation of AL.PE®, a recycled material for the concerns that produce building materials, street furniture and objects of common use. Using this material Lucart has made a complete range of dispensers for the washroom area.



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