A perfect packaging solution for e-commerce

Efficiency and accuracy in gluing: standards guaranteed with the Nordson Corporation’s Problue or Problue liberty adhesive applicators and melting systems installed on one of CMC’s CartonWrap 1000.

CMC SpA was founded in 1980 by Giuseppe Ponti, that has followed its evolution step-by-step from a small family-run concern to an established mainstream company. Headed by the founder and his sons, the company has scored numerous successes, achieved with the development and the patents for solutions innovative for the mailing, graphics and packaging.
Indeed the company has recently concentrated on packaging, with the goal of automating the processes associated with delivery via e-commerce, designing and completing CartonWrap1000, a series of automatic machines for the production of boxes of different sizes starting out from continuous corrugated cardboard.
CMC’s partner on this project, the US leader in the production of gluing systems Nordson Corporation, availing itself of  the staff of its Italian, Segrate-based headquarters, offered the Città di Castello based builder the best technology currently available on the market: various models of applicators have in fact been implemented on the CartonWrap1000, both electric and pneumatic, and the Problue or Problue Liberty melting systems (by demand from the end user).

A reliable system

CMC CartonWrap is an integrated solution, designed to aid the companies that use great quantities of packaging, with variable sizes according to the product to be shipped. Something that is a prime feature  in the  field of e-commerce, where the companies that trade different types of products need a packaging that is perfectly tailored to the contents.
Driven by this need, the OEMs  started searching for a supplier that has the right technology to respond to this demand and at the same time capable of increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the automatic processes. CartonWrap produce in real time boxes made-to-measure according to the contents, starting from a simple and economical continuous feed of corrugated cardboard. The format modification is handled automatically via product recognition or stored in a database, guaranteeing a high flexibility in processing and production speeds of up to 1000 boxes/hour. The machine can also be attached to a print system or logos, trademarks or any other information that needs to be directly printed on the pack, enabling its personalisation.

Focus on gluing technology

If Nordson’s Problue system is to date the most widespread gluing system used in designing packaging solutions for OEM’s, the new Problue Liberty models with its instant “instantaneous melt on demand” not only guarantees the perfect automation and integration of the machine with the  packaging line but also a series of important advantages, first and foremost max. safety of the operators during the work processes, eliminating any risk of burns during tank filling. As well as that the Problue Liberty models, that guarantee  max. reliably and a high energy savings, limit the spread of aereous vapours and eliminate adhesive carbonization, reducing downtime for maintenance and increasing production efficiency. The extraordinary evolution of the Problue classic system is radically changing the philosophy of hot melt application systems, in response to the precise needs of OEMs, evermore more frequently called upon to design completely integrated automatic machines (as is the case of the CartonWrap by CMC).
Today the advantages that derive from the choice of the Problue Liberty® systems are recognised by many end users, thanks to the perfect combination between respect for market demands (Problue) and technological innovation (Liberty), that guarantee a significant saving to those that use them on a daily basis.

The value of a partnership
As the  CEO of CMC Francesco Ponti has striven to reiterate: «Our strongpoint has always been  our capacity to design and build highly flexible, high-speed automatic systems with a high production performance that guarantee the perfect closure of every box. With CartonWrap we are also able to ensure these results for the e-commerce market. Results attained also thanks to Nordson, that has been able to offer us an enviable technical expertise and the full reliability of its products. Hence, with Nordson we have shared values and improvement objectives, that will bolster us on our path to growth on a global level, rendering us in many ways unique on the industrial scene.  


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