Screws, bolts and springs to order in stock

Berardi Bullonerie provides special fixtures made to the customers’ design. As of January 2011, the Castel Guelfo (BO) based company also sells the springs produced by the US company Lee Spring, specialized in custom and precision springs (more than 19,000 codes of springs in stock). Lee Spring, with offices and warehouses in Europe, is able to work springs from a wire diameter of 0.127 to a maximum of 15.88 mm; the product is supplied having undergon ultrasonic cleaning, passivation, powder coating, heat treatment and polishing.
To respond to requests for springs that combine the strength of metal with the performance of thermoplastic materials, Lee Spring has recently developed its LeeP™ springs. Available in various formulations of Ultem PEI resin (trademark SABIC Innovativ Plastics), in a wide variety of standard sizes and increasing strengths, they are ideal for anticorrosive applications including food processing, packaging machinery, water purification systems, electrical and electronic instrumentation and equipment.


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