Assocomaplast becomes Amaplast

On Wednesday, June 7, the assembly of the Italian national association of builders of machines and moulds for plastics and rubber manufacturing approved the change of name proposal put forward by President Alessandro Grassi, with an eye to renewal, without though omitting keywords such as “association, machines, plastic”.
Thus Assocomaplast becomes Amaplast, featuring an even more synthetic acronym and a logo: AMP, with a green, white and red tricolour logo, to invoke national identity.
At a time when plastic is constantly spotlighted and often criticized, this denomination sends a positive message, reinforcing the idea of ​​an organization and an association of companies committed to the development and dissemination of cutting edge technologies for the production of quality goods, with a focus on sustainability, a reduction in raw material consumption (thanks, for example to thinner  packaging material gauges) and on energy saving.
The Confindustria Association now represents over 160 Italian machinery manufacturers. Further information is available on their website, operational since June 12, 2017 with the new designation and a new graphic design:


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