Packaging of liquids: the Agility 4.0™ program

Sidel and Gebo Cermex (part of the Sidel Group) have been showcasing their Agility 4.0 TM programme at Drinktec 2017.
 In line with the plan that entails the adoption of intelligent cyber - physical solutions and increased automation in production plants, the Agility 4.0 programme has a pragmatic approach to manufacturing, developed with a view to achieving three overall benefits: improved understanding, enhanced performance, and product mass customisation together with traceability.
The programme provides tangible answers to liquid packaging producers’ needs, ranging from faster changeovers to reduced maintenance, less storage, less waste, higher product quality and faster time to market - all of which increase performance and reduce costs.

The five assets on which the tools and the solutions of Agility 4.0. are based

• Virtual Factory - Simulating and testing daily operations in a production plant before execution allow producers to both visualise and forecast to increase the likelihood of successful implementation and to minimise expenditure, as they can be reassured they only invest in exactly what they need.
• Smart Factory - It leverages on digital technologies, such as robots, cobots and intelligent kinematics and assist operators working on repetitive tasks to increase operations reliability . Empowering the HMI is the fulcrum of the smart factory.

• Connected Factory - By connecting and integrating the equipment on a plant, data generated can be used to optimise performance and predict any need for maintenance and remote assistance. Data can also be integrated upstream to ensure a constant stream of ingredients and downstream to keep distribution smooth and avoid overstocking or unnecessary storage. 

• Sustainable Factory Eco - The flexibility of the systems that come under the Agility 4.0 program makes it possible to produce smaller batches closer to consumer centres, manufacturers reduce their need to distribute over long distances.
By reducing energy and water consumption, using new light weight materials as well as 3D - printed components, this framework also helps customers minimise OPEX. 

• Extended Factory - Focusing on intralogistics and deployed through the dematerialised layout, the portfolio of solutions by Sidel offers manufacturers access to enhanced flexibility and asset utilisation (for instance, shuttles or AGVs can digitally connect all machines in a production environment).


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