Flowmeter for conductive and other fluids

SICK implements the benefits of ultrasonic measurement in liquid flow detection with DOSIC®, a new hygienic flowmeter capable of handling both conductive and non-conductive fluids, while measuring their flow and temperature without any parameterization when the type of incoming liquid varies.

Thanks to the stainless steel housing with EHEDG and FDA certification, IP 67 and IP 69 grade protection and resistance during CIP and SIP cycles, the sensor can be applied in food processing but can be used successfully in any industry.
DOSIC® is free of  gaskets and moving mechanical parts, hence the liquid can be measured with maximum precision, even at low flow rates, without any loss of load.

Available in DN15 and DN25 diameters with variety of process attachments, the compact dimensions allow it to be installed quickly and in small spaces. Additionally, commissioning is immediate, thanks to Plug & Play mode that does not require calibration in case of liquid change. The sensor can be used either remotely or through the buttons on the display, for accessibility at any time and from any point. One or two analog outputs, 2 static outputs  or inputs and the IO-Link 1.1 interface integrated for remote parameterization and diagnostic functions complete the profile.


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