Government seals: applied safely

P.E. Labellers chooses the adhesive application technology of Robatech, incorporating it into its own Modular Top labeler, personalized for a Polish customer. The main goal of the partnership: permanently affixing government seals required by law on glass alcohol bottles using hot melt glue.

P.E. Labellers SpA has renewed its partnership with Robatech by involving the latter in the supply of a labeling system developed ad hoc for a Polish producer of glass bottles for alcoholic beverages. In addition to the solution’s standard labeling functions, the customer requested the integration of a particularly reliable hotmelt glue application system – that is to say, one capable of permanently affixing pre-glued government seals to the cap using cold glue.
In this case, this functionality requirement was met using three Robatech Speedstar Diamond guns, in one single and one double module, which place tiny glue dots at an impressive rate with maximum precision repeatability.

Efficient in terms of consumption and costs, Robatech’s Concept series melters meet every need thanks to the availability of a wide array of tank capacities (5, 8, 12 or 30 liters), but also new tankless Stream models. Furthermore, it is possible to choose between pneumatic pumps and those using a gearbox, connecting up to 8 electro-heated tubes and applicator guns.

Modular Top in action
The labeler that P.E. Labellers supplied in Poland has been equipped with Robatech’s Concept B melter, featuring a TRM control panel. The system is fully integrated with the Speedstar Diamond guns and the AS IK 40 tract programmer, the most suitable for fast lines, with over 70 glue tract model programs and an operating speed of up to 300 m/min.
The glass bottles are placed in a high-speed rotating carousel.
After filling and labeling, a pre-cut label that functions as a government seal is fed from a special magazine before being applied to the cap and neck of the bottle, as required by laws governing the marketing of alcoholic beverages. In order to permanently fix the position of the seals (with either an L- or a U-shape) 3-4 hotmelt glue dots are applied.
Thanks to the system installed at the Polish plant, some 13,000 bottles/hr are currently being produced and sealed.

Saving and efficiency
Roberto Lorenzi, head of production at P.E. Labellers, expresses his complete satisfaction with the project’s success: «Robatech’s Concept B application system, with integrated SpeedStar guns, applies the glue with extreme precision and at a very high speed. Additionally, since the glue dots are extremely small, the savings in raw materials are considerable, making for a clear advantage that our user appreciated, along with the plant’s overall efficiency».
Marco Trezzi, Area Sales Manager of Robatech Italia, adds:
«The special insulation that distinguishes the entire Robatech GreenLine range also guarantees energy saving and complete operator safety».                                                                                                   


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