Biolaminil: biodegradable and at zero energy consumption

The Laminil range - benchmark for a wide range of applications in converting, cold chain packaging, fine arts, hobby and thermal insulation - has gained a new material. Its name is BioLaminil, a result of Isonova’s commitment to technological development that can reduce the impact of plastic waste, both in production and from an environmental point of view.

BioLaminil is a sandwich support, which is the result of the union between an extruded polystyrene foam and two sheets of paper, without the use of glues; completely biodegradable even in a marine environment, it does not contain expanding agents considered to be harmful to the ozone layer.  The XPS BIO sheet comprised contains an additive that is activated when the packaging is delivered to the dump or dispersed in the environment. The additive, thanks to the action of special bacteria, begins to “dissolve” the polystyrene, triggering a process that ends within 5 years: this is important for the proper disposal of biodegradable plastics, which are not included among segregated collection in order not to pollute the same.
BioLaminil retains all the properties of Laminil: light, flexible, has a great yield with traditional converting systems, such as die cutting, creasing, lamination. It is available in panels of various thicknesses (2 to 10 mm), is printable in flexo and silkscreen and can be matched with outer sheets in paper and cardboard.
The sustainability of this material is further underlined by the fact that, in order to make it, Isonova fully exploits renewable energy auto-produced by the photovoltaic system installed in 2010 at its Volpiano (TO) plant.


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