FSC® certified Flock (FSC-C130573) for luxury packaging

Dimontonate Floccati is a leading producer of flocked materials for luxury packaging, for automotive and technical-industrial branch.

Since 1973 is committed to direct its energy and strategic thinking towards innovation and specialization in order to offer to customers always more innovative products.
Thanks to its policy, to its attention of improving their quality standards and to the importance they give to the reduction of the environmental impact, they have achieved the Chain of Custody certification according to FSC® regulations.
Thanks to this important target, Dimontonate Floccati is nowadays  the only company in Europe which can produce certified flocked materials on Polysthirene layer - DM PACK® - according to FSC® chain of custody of forest resources.
Dimontonate Floccati can supply a wide range of flocked products for luxury packaging manufactured with a low -impact process and with recycled materials from forest properly managed and controlled according to FSC® quality standards.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification identifies products manufactured using raw materials from wood and from forests properly and responsibly managed and controlled according to environmental, social and economic standards.



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