Cardboard: efficient and communicative

DS Smith is a specialist in the production of corrugated cardboard packaging.

Its solutions can be personalized according to the most disparate target market requirements, from mass market to luxury and from POP display to a wide variety of industrial sectors, DS Smith cardboard packaging is optimized for each specific application, whether to adorn, protect or handle a product. As a complex and unique operator on the industrial panorama, DS Smith offers a “closed loop” service that includes the supply of materials and packaging but also corrugated cardboard recovery and reuse to achieve “zero waste” regimes.

Packaging made ad hoc for e-commerce. The rapid expansion of online sales are changing the nature and perception of corrugated cardboard packaging, which today must not only protect the products within and guarantee their efficient distribution, but also promote them in an appropriate fashion.
To this end, and relying on the experience and professionalism of over 600 designers, DS Smith offers complete, innovative solutions for packaging and marketing with the following capabilities:
- preventing product damage, including at the most critical stages of the supply chain;
- optimizing speed and productivity of the packaging line;
- reducing the number of items in the warehouse;
- protecting against theft and tampering;
- offering a practical system for returns using the same resealable e-retail carton, with no damages or compromised parts.

DS SMITH: A BRIEF HISTORY The DS Smith business began in London in 1940 as a family-run operation. Today the group is made up of four divisions (Paper, Plastics, Packaging and Recycling) and counts over 26,000 employees in 36 countries.
In Italy, DS Smith has 22 production units working in synergy with customers to develop innovative and practical packaging solutions, offering the possibility of getting more for less.
“The power of less” is the main inspiration behind DS Smith’s business: less complexity with greater efficiency, less waste with more recycling, less material and greater impact, lower costs and higher productivity.


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