10 pack beauty trends

CosmoprofTrends is the new benchmark for the Beauty Community, launched during the 50th edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2017.
To discover prevailing products and trends, the trend agency Beautystreams has created a digital guide with the 50 most interesting products and 10 trends selected during the days of the event.  

SELFIE-READY  The selfie generation has introduced a new trend: insta-ready beauty. With these products, flawless,selfie-ready skin is made easy.

 HYPERSENSITIVE  Ultra-gentle care products are key. From skin care and make-up to hair care, products keep skin irritant free and healthy.

URBAN SHIELD  Products that offer anti-pollution, free radical scavenging, and urban detox benefits protect skin from the daily stress and pollutants of urban environments.

SENSORIALITY Consumers are looking for new sensorial and emotional experiences with connection to products through smell, touch, and feel. Products engage with the senses to build a stronger bond with their users.

HYGGE Pronounced “Hoo-gah” this Danish trend goes hand-in-hand with the natural, well-being, and home spa trends. Beauty products have rich, enveloping textures and help to relax and restore skin and body.

VIVA VEGAN  As more people adopt aegan diet, there’s increasing demand for vegan cosmetics along with products that are cruelty-free, gluten-free and preservative-free.

SMART BEAUTY DEVICES  Innovative beauty devices simplify the beauty routine. They offer consumers the ideal combination of enhanced product functionality, professional-style treatment, and pleasing consumer experience.

NEON BEAUTY   Neon beauty products are making a big splash on social media. Colorful, fluorescent cosmetics and hair products come alive in the dark..

JUST FOR ME  As consumers are getting more savvy, the trend for bespoke beauty continues to rise. Consumers are increasingly demanding custom-blended products specifically created for them.

IT’S A MAN’S WORLD From skin care and hair to make-up, men are becoming more sophisticated in their grooming habits and have tapped into the exciting productsnow available to them.



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