Super ecological pallets

The Ferrara based cooperative CPR System (a major Italian operator in the field of collapsible plastic packaging) also offers the Italian market an increasingly popular pallet system, in addition to crates and mini bins.Its wooden pallets, in addition to being Pefc forestry certified, are made with recycled wood blocks from CPR pallets that are no longer suitable for use in the circuit, thanks to the collaboration with Ecobloks®: the Italian company specializing in the production of pallet block does not use virgin wood, but wood packaging or wood deriving from agricultural pruning, forest-, parks and gardens maintenance and lastly, from segregated collection in the various waste collection centres.

From 2011 to today CPR System’s wooden pallets, entirely managed by its Fclog service company, have gone from 4 million and 280,000 to the current 5.714 million: an increase of about 2 million movements in only 5 years, with generalised economic and ecological benefits.


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