Labels: five processes in a single step

Albertin (a major producer of flexographic printing plates and clichés) brings to Labelexpo Europe numerous label creation solutions (stand 11A21).

These include the major innovation represented by the “In-Line Flat Stamping Tool”, a special cliché made from copper or magnesium that makes it possible to perform up to five processes in a single printing process (hot stamping, relief, bas-relief, texture and anti-counterfeiting hologram) with no plate changeover. The In-Line Flat Stamping Tool is compatible with PANTEC Rhino and ABG Big Foot modules.

The great advantage of this solution is its use of a single matrix that guarantees not only quick processes, but also extremely precise ones.
Once again, then, Albertin has kept its promises by providing its customers with technologically advanced solutions that “leave their mark” and draw the consumer’s eye, carrying them to a unique and original tactile dimension.

LEAVE YOUR MARK Since 1971, Albertin clichés and plates have been made using the most innovative techniques thanks to steady investments in machinery, software and work process optimization. The concern’s mission - embodied in the claim “leave your mark” -  is to offer its customers opportunities for expressing themselves, by making clichés for very high quality reliefs and incisions with competitive timeframes.
The classic Albertin offer includes: knives for hot stamping labels; magnesium clichés and reliefs for hot stamping copper with laser incision, in copper for simultaneous hot stamping and relief; copper reliefs with artistic incision and multiple layers; counterfoils and copper cylinders for hot stamping; installations and clichés for micro-incision; reliefs for braille marking; silicone rubber clichés for hot flat stamping and in profile; nyloprint and flexo plates for varnishing; flexographic forms for printing, peelable plates and rubber. The company also assures a complete consulting service, with print file control, preprinting services and, by request, creative support.


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