Carrot elixir in “SuperSlim” format

For Rugani brand 100% carrot juice, Greenway Farms chooses IPI´s new premium brick line SuperSlim, a distinctive packaging that preserves and valorizes the natural properties of an excellent product.


Rugani brand 100% carrot juice (Greenway Farms) is made from organically grown carrots with no preservatives or artificial coloring. It is rich in luteins, betacarotenes and antioxidants, whose many beneificial properties are good for the health of the skin, eyes and cardiovascular system.

In order to confer the strongest possible identity on the product, Greenway Farms turned to the new SuperSlim line of premium aseptic multilayer paperboard containers by IPI. A packaging supplier for the beverage industry, the Perugia-based concern develops a wide range of aspetic solutions featuring distinctive, appealing containers, effective vehicles for product and brand values.

As the name indicates, the new SuperSlim line selected by Greenway Farms in 750 ml and 330 ml formats (but also available in 200, 250, 500 and 1000 ml), has a slender form that makes it the tallest in its category, which has been paired with brightly colored graphics to draw the attention of consumers during shopping. Furthermore, the practical and attractive King Twist cap - the largest ever applied to aspetic cartons - in addition to providing optimal protection of the product after opening, confers a distinctive and original look to the packaging.

«Here at Greenway Farms - remarks the firm’s CEO Vito Rugani - we want the container sitting on the supermarket shelf to be able to communicate the values of our product, that it’s healthful, fresh and delicious because it’s the result of natural cultivation. That’s why we have chosen IPI’s premium line SuperSlim. This carton’s slim shape, orange color and large cap resembles our carrots. Moreover, we believe that the paperboard container is the most sustainable and ecologically responsible solution, and thus perfectly in line with our vision».


Since 1992, Greenway Farms has meant quality agriculture. Begun on a small farm supplying the local market with various types of vegetables, the business has grown thanks to the wise decisions of its two founders, Vito Rugani and Vincent Sequira, who in 2000 chose to specialize in the cultivation of carrots on a larger scale.
Covering some 40% of the nation’s carrot consumption, today Greenway Farms is the undisputed leader of the South African market, where it markets as much as 200 t of Rugani-brand carrots per day, without ever leaving behind its original mission: growing healthy, genuine carrots using a complex process. In fact, the firm manages its own farmland in order to ensure ideal growing conditions throughout the year, enriching the soil with a special organic compost developed in-house. Furthermore, the concern is a leader in water-cooling technology (hydro-coolers) for preserving all the freshness of its carrots, which are delivered to the consumer fresh.



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