From earthquake to “Earth on the move”

Packaging and company ethics. Editorial by Stefano Lavorini.

1_Living_Company_Report_2016_azzurro_web_0.png«The word ‘with’ (sharing with, connecting with) lies at the very root of economy and as Luigino Bruni often reminds us is an idea that comes to us from afar, from the Neapolitan school of Antonio Genovesi and Gaetano Filangieri. An age-old care and attention that we can claim to be typically Italian, that has counted a lot more than might initially appear in the history of our concerns. A passion of these regions that face onto the sea, or that hear the sound of the same, for a circular economy that commits itself to considering the training of human resources, the safeguarding of territorial resources as an inexorable part of the production cycle and that, unlike the world of finance or the quarterly economy, is attuned to a measured profit and a patient use of capital, a capital that is not avid, but that accepts being returned in a slow rate».

These words open the fine foreword of the Boxmarche Living Company Report 2016, written by Giovanni Lanzone, coordinator of Fondazione Italia Patria della Bellezza: fine in that they strike one for the aptness and depth of the concepts expressed, but also in “exceptional” accord with the action of the Corinaldo based converter, that deals with packaging and visual design, one of a kind not only in the sector but in general.

«My dream, that is also shared by my friend Sandro Paradisi, is that of revolutionising the industrial paradigm, the approach to work, going from a sense of duty to a sense of pleasure. On this count we like to talk about a new Italian renaissance. We dream it daily - and in our own dimension we try to make this wish a reality - companies rooted to their territory, at the centre of their own context, where life is good and there is also welfare. Where we create values for us, our co-workers and for the micro-world in which we operate. I am convinced we shall be saved by beauty».
Tonino Dominici
(from an interview published on the website, 28/07/17).

Thirteen years on from the publication of the first Social Report, the Marches based company, headed by a generous Tonino Dominici, this year has done even more and better.

The Living Company Report can be downloaded from the website, watch the video of the event but aboveall make donations to the project “Succisa Virescit”: a small part of the funds still need to be gathered to complete the scheme.
For donations:

Not only has it published an integrated report that combines the yearly, social and environmental report, the analysis of intellectual capital - a tool that well represents the company, its people and its values; on top of that - following the terrible earthquake that hit central Italy in 2016, it has implemented an ambitious aid project, catalysing enthusiasm, love and solidarity: ”Succisa Virescit - A school for Pieve Torina”, strongly wished by Tonino Dominici, Sandro Paradisi of the company Paradisi di Jesi (precision grinding) and by Giuliano De Minicis of the agency dmpconcept of Senigallia.

Which is why the event, that traditionally marks the presentation of the Boxmarche Living Company Report, took on a new color: aboveall it was held in the municipality hit by the quake and not at Corinaldo, but it was a celebration shared with the Paradisi “Benefit Corporation”, that illustrated its Integrated Reporting.


CONNECT, INTERACT, COSTRUCT. A virtuous network for the future… of Pieve Torina
A day featuring the attention and closeness to the population of the mountain municipality of Pieve Torina, badly hit by the earthquake: this the incipit of the wording published on the Boxmarche website, of which we offer the full version as a memento for those who took part at the July 8th 2017 event. But also, and it is my conviction, as an admonishment for the indolent who find it easier to look to their own interests, and for the many who only know how to complain, but who don’t want to roll up their sleeves. S.L.



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